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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 week ago

Maxine Waters agrees with rep. Tliab that police should be defunded and removed.  Do you agree?

Updated 1 week ago:

When I read that, O wondered how they would feel if they needed the help of law enforcement one of these days.  I know one thing, Waters believes in security because she lives in a  very high classed, expensive area (not her district) and has plenty of security around her.

Updated 7 days ago:

Waters is inciting riots, saying that they NEED TO FIND CHAUVIN "GULITY OF MURDER", or else they will keep rioting.  She crossed state lines to incite that, too.  She is a CA rep, not in MINNESOTA.  She seems to be skating on thin ice to me and if she were a Republican, Dems would be up in arms.

Updated 6 days ago:

Just heard today that the judge in the Chauvin trial has "rebuked' her.

So?  Exactly how will that make things any better?  That jury is concerned for their own lives.  

Updated 6 days ago:

She has done this before, according tot he judge and the judge said it could lead to an appeal!

23 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago
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    Waters and Tliab should be defunded and removed.

  • ?
    Lv 5
    6 days ago

    I hate democrats but I would jump for joy if they got rid of police. I would stop paying taxes.

  • 6 days ago

    Maxine Waters and Rashida Tliab both are brought together BLACK RACISTS who need two plan objectives achieved:

    1) Attain political strengthening towards legitimately oppressing white individuals with outrageous authorized malignance plans - and secure any Federal law assurances in such undertakings.

    2) Attain individual multi-million dollar abundance from their BLACK RACIST undertakings.

    3) Watch America consume to remains - their definitive BLACK RACIST vengeance dream acknowledged to their severe heart's joy.

    FBI and Homeland Security wrongdoing analysts ought to be demographically and topographically checking out on a guide any "Undermine the Police" regions inside the U.S.- - for they will rapidly find A PATTERN THAT PROVES LAW ENFORCEMENT IS EXACTING ECONOMIC PAINS ON THE ILLEGAL DRUG AND ORGANIZED CRIME TRADES.

    "Undermine The Police" is BLACK RACIST TALK that interprets "Debilitate THE POLICE ( they're harming criminal business cash stream courses ).

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Stop getting your 'News' from OANN kid.

  • 6 days ago

    Maxine Waters and Rashida Tliab both are unified BLACK RACISTS who want two agenda goals accomplished:

    1) Attain political empowerment towards legally discriminating against white people with extreme legalized malice intents--and secure any and all Federal law protections in such endeavors.

    2) Attain personal multi-million dollar wealth from their BLACK RACIST endeavors.

    3) Watch America burn to ashes--their ultimate BLACK RACIST revenge dream realized to their bitter heart's delight. 

    FBI and Homeland Security crime statisticians should be demographically and geologically marking out on a map any and all "Defund the Police" areas within the U.S.--for they will quickly discover A PATTERN THAT PROVES LAW ENFORCEMENT IS EXACTING ECONOMIC PAINS ON THE ILLEGAL DRUG AND ORGANIZED CRIME TRADES. 

    "Defund The Police" is BLACK RACIST TALK that translates "WEAKEN THE POLICE ( they're hurting criminal business money flow routes ). 

  • Lan
    Lv 6
    6 days ago

    The police shouldn't be defund, but seriously retrain and the current heads of the police union need to be remove. The amount of corruption is ridiculous. Good cops are getting punish, while bad cops aren't getting punish, but getting rewarded.

  • 7 days ago

    Defund the police died in Chicago last summer. If you recall, you woke up to video of hoodlums just vandalizing downtown Chicago. You saw them brazenly loot a Best Buy Store.

    There was no protest or any hint of one. The next week there was to be a protest at Trump Tower Chicago. The police beat them back. like the police did in 1968. Mayor Lightfoot, the police commissioner are being investigated. It was said that how they handled it was wrong. The fools campained against Kim Fox on Jesse Smollett, but we thought that the draconian way she dole out sentences would hiave been her down fall.

    How about 30 days at Cook county jail for a broken window? 6 months in jail for thie flat screen. The police found out through social media that the criminals were using the protest as cover for their criminal activities.

    If that had not happened then maybe they would have had a stronger position. But since thiat happened and the criminals continue to use BLM protest as a backdrop for their criminal activites, defund the police is DOA.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    They should be disarmed, too. No guns.

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

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    Source(s): Money will be electronic. Gov't will say someone lost their card or it was stolen; now, they have "solution" aka "mark of the beast system"... because no one will steal your hand/forehead. Remember Book of Revelation says: mark of the beast = permanent hell; forgive me.
  • dybydx
    Lv 4
    1 week ago

    In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder many people's rage extended to the rhetoric of "Defund the police".  It was never a serious suggestion by liberals.  But Trump and the GOP campaigned on the BS claim that Biden and Democrats wanted to defund the police.  It is an example of Trump/right wing/Fox "News" planting concepts into the minds of gullible people.  Another example:  "Democrats want to take your guns away".  Not one Democrat wants to take your stupid gun away.  Another example:  "Democrats want open borders". False.  The problem is that Trump and the GOP would not budge on allowing people who have been in America since they were children to have a path to citizenship.  Why won't hey budge?  Because the Trump base's primary motive in anything is to "Keep America White".

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    stop  watching fox news and spreading false information 

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